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Q A1. How do I register on multimatrimony.com?

Q A2. Who should register on multimatrimony.com?

Q A3. Is registering profile on this site free?

Q A4. Why should I register on multimatrimony.com?

Q A5. Can I use Multimatrimony.com without registering on the site?

Q A6. Should I complete the long forms on registration for being a member of the site?

Q A7. Why should I give my email ID and contact details when I am registering on multimatrimony.com?

Q A8. What do I do if I need to add more info than what is requested in the registration form?

Q A9. What do I do if I don’t find an option relevant to me on any drop down?

Q A10. How do I add photos on the site?

Q A11. How do I add Horoscope to my profile?

Managing Profiles

Q B1. How do I log on to multimatrimony.com?

Q B2. What is my Profile ID?

Q B3. How do I logout from multimatrimony.com?

Q B4. How can I change the information I submitted at registration?

Q B5. Can I change my password that I have submitted at Registration?

Q B6. Why can’t I view all the information that I have entered on my profile?


Q C1. How do I search for my life partner on multimatrimony.com?

Q C2. What are the other search options that I have on multimatrimony.com?

Q C3. Can I save my search results?

Q C4. How do I know if other visitors have viewed my profile?

Q C5. How can I retrieve profiles that I have marked as a Favorite?


Q D1. What are the attachments that I can include in my Profile?

Q D2. Why should I include my photo with the profile?

Q D3. How can I add photos to my profile?

Q D4. Can I change the photos that I have uploaded?

Q D5. How can I add a horoscope with my photo?

Q D6. Are the attachments with the profile validated?

Q D7. Why can’t I view my attachments immediately?

Q D8. What is the Express Interest Feature?

Q D9. What is Horoscope request?

Q D10. What is photo request?

Q D11. What is match history?

Q D12. What are the formats in which I should upload my attachments?


Q E1. How do I contact members on multimatrimony.com?

Q E2. What are accepted and rejected interests?

Q E3. Where do I find interests sent to me?

Q E4. How does the My Account page help me to manage my membership on multimatrimony.com?

Q E5.Do multimatrimony.com customer support help me to contact a member on the site?

Q E6. How do I know when a member contacts me?


Q F1. What are the various types of memberships on multimatrimony.com?

Q F2. What are the subscription options offered in multimatrimony.com?

Q F3. How do I decide which membership is best for me?

Q F4. How can I renew/upgrade memberships?

Q F5. How do I pay for Subscriptions?

Q F6. Is my credit card payment on multimatrimony.com secure?

Q F7. What type of credit cards are processed on multimatrimony.com?

Q F8. How soon will my membership be processed when I make payment?

Q F9. What is the refund policy of multimatrimony.com?

Multimatrimony.com Wedding features

Q G1. What are the additional features on multimatrimony.com?

Q G2. How do I let multimatrimony.com know if I find a partner on the site?

Q G3. What is the wedding story on multimatrimony.com?

Q G4. What is the newsletter that members receive?

Q G5. What is the Blog feature on multimatrimony.com?

Privacy Concerns

Q H1. How do I ensure that my profile is safeguarded on multimatrimony.com?

Q H2. What do I do if I see any objectionable content on the site?

Q H3. How can I send in my suggestions for site improvement?

Q H4. How sure can I be of information entered in profiles on multimatrimony.com?